Our Products

Available by phone or email for local delivery. To order please contact us at 765-717-1042 or ellen@brinkmansfarm.com

Current in-stock products:

Ground Beef $7.50 per pound – Limit 1

Bratwurst Beef Patties $8.75 per pound

Stew Meat $9.00 per pound

Boneless Round Roast $8.00 per pound

Rolled Rump Roast $8.00 per pound

Sirloin Tip Roast $8.00 per pound

Short Ribs $5.00 per pound

Tongue $3.50 per pound

Soup Bones or Shank $3.00 per pound

Liver $3.00 per pound

Out of Stock – Returning in September:

Zesty Sweet Italian Ground Beef

Ground Beef Patties

Filet Mignon

New York Steak

Arm Roast

Flank Steak

Cubed Steaks

Rib-eye Steak

Sirloin Steaks

Round Steak