Indulge in our premium grass-fed beef, a flavorful and wholesome choice rich in essential nutrients, free from hormones and antibiotics. Processed locally and state-inspected, our beef is lower in fat and packed with vitamins and minerals, making it a nutritional powerhouse that promotes heart health and overall well-being.

Experience Nutritional Excellence with Grass-Fed Beef

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Over the past 25 years, we’ve transformed our 110-acre farm into a beacon of sustainable farming. From novice city dwellers to seasoned stewards, we’ve embraced best practices through continual learning and hands-on experience. Our journey began with Billie Jo, our first cow in 2005, igniting our passion for ethical animal care. With a commitment to efficiency and animal welfare, we’ve grown our skills, tended pastures, and built structures all while prioritizing the well-being of our herd. As custodians of the land, we champion sustainability, embodying a dedication to ethical farming and an enduring love for our livestock.

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At Brinkman's Farm, we prioritize the succulence and tenderness of our grass-fed beef by allowing our cattle to graze on high-quality grasses, legumes, and forbs, maintaining a 100% grass diet with no grains. Our commitment to healthy soil and meticulous pasture management optimizes plant growth, providing nutritious and natural diets for our animals. Born and raised on our farm, all our animals benefit from excellent herd health. Our focus on low-stress, pasture-fed programs and traditional breeding methods upholds unparalleled standards of quality and integrity on our generational farm.

Raising animals on pasture for their entire life requires specialized knowledge and skill, distinguishing us from conventional feedlot operations.

Why We Are Different?

Ground Beef – $8.75
Ground Beef: 10 Pound Special – $8.50
Ground Beef: 20 Pound Special – $8.25
Ground Beef Patties (4/pack) – $9.75
Bratwurst Patties (4/pack) – $10.50
Zesty Italian Ground Beef – $9.50
Country Style Ground Beef – $9.50
Country Style Spicy Ground Beef – $9.50
New York Strip Steak (1” Thick, 2/pack) – $19.00
Rib-Eye Steak (1 ½” Thick, 2/pack) – $19.00
Filet Mignon (1 ½” Thick, 2/pack) – $32.00
Sirloin Strip Steak (1” Thick, 2/pack) – $12.00
Flank Steak – $16.00
Round Steak – $8.50
Swiss Steak – $8.50
Cube Steak (4/pack) – $10.75
Rolled Rump Roast – $8.75
Boneless Round Roast – $8.75
New York Roast – $8.75
Chuck Roast – $8.75
Arm Roast – $8.75
Brisket – $10.00
Stew Meat – $10.75
Short Ribs – $6.50
Liver – $3.75
Heart – $6.50
Tongue – $7.50
Shank – $4.50
Soup Bones – $3.50
Cheek – $8.00
Oxtail – $9.00
Brains – $3.00
Beef Suet – $4.00

Summer Sausage:
Regular – $17.00
Jalapeno & Cheese – $18.00

All products are listed as price per pound for your convenience

Current Product List

Yorktown Farmers Market
Location: Morrow’s Meadow Park
Find us under the orange tent every Friday evening from 4:30-7:30 beginning May 31st through September 27th

Minnetrista Pop-Up Market
Location: Gravel Parking Lot off of St. Joseph Street along with Christopher Farms
We’ll be out as often as possible on Friday afternoons from 4:30-5:30

Minnetrista Farmers Market in Muncie
Location: in the parking lot next to the Orchard Shop
Find us under the bright orange tent every Saturday morning from 9-Noon beginning May 4th through October 26th

Albany Farmers Market
Location: Big Park
Find us every Sunday afternoon from 1-4 beginning May 12th through October 6th

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